Friday, November 25, 2011

Belt Buckles, Big Rides, Turkey, Plethora of new beers.

      Team Face First wins buckles.  Jeff Abbott, Brandon Tracy, Jay Rutherford and I won buckles.

 It's been a while since I've entered something here, but I have been doing great in depth research of liquids that have undergone fermentation at least one time.  All because I'm a scientist.  Fresh off the press are a host of new reviews, and some other goodies...

Easy Street wheat-Odell Brewing
It's an unfiltered american style wheat, it's got a little citrus tinge to it.  It's got a nice lighter feel, and an easy drink.  It doesn't offend the palate, and can be enjoyed with most things. It won't supplant my go to hef, but it's certainly a nice little beer.  I'd drink it again, but I don't think I'd search it out.  B-

Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse
One of the most delicious hefs, has slight taste of clove, banana, and pours a nice thick head.  It's got a delicious smooth taste, with a nice robust amount of carbonation.  Not too much carbonation, but such a smooth sip.  If your'e looking for a new hef to break out of your rut with, I suggest this.  It's absolutely delicious, and will certainly appease any palate.  I've yet to find a fault in this beer.  A+

The Stone 15th Anniversary Escondidian Imperial Black IPA
Freaking stoked on this beer, it's got an amazingly rich and smooth pour with a nice thick light caramel colored head.  It's got a hell of a drink, it's not for a light drinker.  In any way.  It's a super smooth thick bitter chocolate, coffee, some citrus, and bold bold bold hops. It towers in the glass like a bold friend at a party.  Except its the only person at the party.  The beer dominates whatever else you had in your mouth, which isn't a bad thing, but it's certainly best enjoyed alone, and I drank mine at around 40 degrees F, and enjoyed it until the last drop.  Solid A.

New Castle Werewolf
It was almost too much alcohol taste, it was nice. but not necessarily the blood red ale I expected.  It was a unique taste of mostly malty, and caramel with some hop flavor, it's significantly different than the original new castle.  Certainly a nice drink, but on the same token, not sure it's what I'd search out again.  I liked the aspect of something new, but wasn't super impressed with the delivery..  C+
Spaten Oktoberfest:
One of my favorite marzens.  One of the true marzens in my opinion.  I've had a few, it's a little darker than most labeled as a marzen,  but it is lighter than the Bayern Oktoberfest which is also a marzen.  It pours nice and light, it's a clean crisp drink with a great sip.  It's nicely carbonated, and has a consistent refreshing flavor all the way down.  It's certainly one varietal I'll keep around.  Especially because I can feel like a man, and pour a few into my stein without feeling the repercussions in the morning...  A.
Delirium Noel It's a sweet winter belgian strong dark ale.  It's deliciously hinted of the holidays, with brown sugar, nutmeg, clove, and winter spices.  It leaves the mouth with a dry hint of alcohol, it's smooth, thick, and a great winter sipping beer.  It certainly warms the heart, and all the extremities.  I haven't had too many belgian strong dark ales, but it seemed that this was almost too much compared to the others that I've had.  It was nice, and I'm easily tempted by the pink elephants...  B.  

  Bayern Brewing Doppelboch.  Bayern is a small Brewery from Missoula MT, and this is one of my favorite of their brews. It's a doppel, as in double brew and it's De-Licious.  It's been one of my favorites since I first tried it, before I knew what good beer was.  It's one of the easiest 8.4% beers I know.  It's a simple malty beer without complex tones, it does the job, and it does it well.  If you find this, buy it.  

Hellhound on my ale Dogfish Head brewery, A super hoppy brew with a nice lemony citrus flavor.  It's extremely high alcohol content, and a very fun beer.  It's an easy drink, and not abrasive by any means, it's deceptively potent, and has certainly gotten my attention.  The beer was made as a 100 year birthday to Robert Johnson, the mississippi bluesman.  Definitely a beer I will keep in touch on it's availability...  A+

 This is the Pyramid trail, others call it the Gila Ridge trail. I've seen both on maps.  It's a sweet trail that starts from the top of national near the west side of the telegraph pass.  The top of the trail is a sweet slightly downhill trail with great flow, and banked turns with more than enough grip for an easier ride. Once the top ridge is descended, it's a tight and technical descent down tight switchbacks that require pivot turns, and a few foot dabs here or there.  It's very loose as the trail gets more and more steep, the technicality increases as the trail nears the bottom of the hill, and then opens up into the basin of the bees knees area.  Certainly a great ride, with a very fun and worthwhile descent.

The next trail I rode recently was the Corona trail, it's a steep trail that descends from the national trailhead with a lot of exposure.  The trail is loose, with technically interesting moves. The initial bit is down a wash which one has to climb out of, and then descend the entirety of the altitude in one go.  It's a great ride for a big bike, and the Enduro certainly had fun on it. There are some interesting bits as the trail winds it's way down, partially formed by the geology of the slope with the turns being dictated by the most convenient part of the rock to use.  It's a trail that if the access were easier, and more fun, I'd ride more often.  As is it's one that I'm content having done, and don't really need to ride all that often unless someone wants a little pucker factor.

The Belt buckle from the Epic win at Barn burner.  yes it opens bottles, and yes I've used it to open bottles.  

Bees Knees

Bikes outside bar in flagstaff after epic fail.  

Oak Aged arrogant bastard.  Delish.  A

Say Weihenstephan 10 times fast.  Another tasty morsel from Germany, a bit harsh on the end, after a few...  But it's an overall smooth drink with a fantastic feel and a light taste.  An instant favorite.  A

 Tripel Karmaliet fantastic belgian triple. A

Oude Zippers, previously reviewed, still amazing.
I've got another update in the works with a race-recap, and some more gear testing and discussion...  Happy Thanksgiving.

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