Monday, September 26, 2011


I got married!  My life has been wonderful since, my wife and I have had a blast everyday since the wedding, and I'm just honored to be the guy at her side.

Surly Furious:
This delicious brew from the great City of Minneapolis Minnesota was enjoyed properly with a hamburger stuffed with Cheese and Bacon.  I love IPA's, and this one certainly came through, it's a got an imposing initial flavor, but what IPA's is soft?  It's full of character, certainly hoppy, and pine.  It's got great malty flavor too, but it doesn't present until after in initial shock of bitterness has worn.  It's falls on the darker side of the IPA spectrum, but it's by no means dark tasting, it's somewhat deceiving in that way...  It's technically an American IPA, however not having tasted a significant number if AIPA's, I'll leave it in the standard IPA category.  It's delicious cold, as from the tap, and warms nicely, however I think that the drinkability decreases  to an extent with the increase in temperature...  It was surprisingly amazing in the colder realms.  Solid A.

Moose's Tooth Beartooth Ale: (Almost an IPA)
As touted by the rental car man, and the front dest attendant at our hotel on our first night of the Honeymoon, this was an excellent Micro brew.  Moose's Tooth Brewery plays host to some of the best beer and pizza I've had.  Their pizza is simply off the hook.  This little number is listed as a "Deep red, malty ale heavily hopped with centennial hops."  It's definitely not a full blown IPA, however, it's not far...  It was deliciously hopped with a less than citrusy hops, it made for a nice smooth taste, with a little bite.  It made a perfect pair to the spice of the sausage on the pizza.  It was bold, yet tastefully easy.  It was an awesome introduction to AK beer, and a great start to the honeymoon!  B.
Moose's Tooth Fairweather IPA:
An Alaskan IPA in every sense.  It was big, bold, and deliciously hoppy with an intense hop aroma.  It was an IPA in every sense of the IPA category.  It's a big step above their Beartooth Ale in hoppyness, and fullness.  It's not a super heady beer as evidenced by the photo-possibly the bottom of the keg, but that made the beer a little more smooth, and aided the drinkability.  It too was a good combo for the spicy sausage in the pizza.  I'd definitely take another go at this beer, and try to have a pint with a steak.  B+.

Denali Single Engine Red Ale:
It was a blast to have a new variety of beers to try out.  I'd taken this Red with a delicious meal of Fish and Chips in a Dill batter.  The Fish and chips was some of the best I had in AK, but the Denali Red was lacking.  It was a sufficient Red, however the initial taste was interesting, and slightly malty with a nice little hop, but then it trailed off.  It was a beer, not sure I'd seek this one out.  C-.

Alaskan White Hefeweizen:
Emily loves Hefs.  This white is pretty good, it's got a great nose, and a nice little bite.  It's a pretty easy drinking beer with an appeasing sip.  It's still a hef in the sense that you'll feel it in your stomach while you drink it.  It's not overly heavy, but it's certainly substantial.  I like this in general, but I wouldn't go so far as to say it's exceptional.  B.

Homer Brewing Company Red Knot Scottish Ale:
One of my top 5 beers.  I've long loved scottish Ale's for a long time, and this one is up at the top of the list for sure.  solid A

There are many more beers that I've had that I haven't had the time to discuss, but I am working on getting some writing about them, however my current schedule doesn't allow for much time spent not on scholastic endeavors...
hope all is well with everyone.


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