Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7-26-11. 4 days, 7 rides, 2 dance lessons

     Dude, I just want to express myself through the art of dance:
Big few days, for starters Emily and I have taken our dance lessons for the wedding, so we have that on lock. We can Waltz like mofo's.  Emily is awesome, we are both putting in hard work as it's been a long time since either of us has danced.  Emily is a perfectionist, which definitely helps in this adventure, as we are both excited, and trying to do it right the first time to get the most out of the lesson.  It's a great time, it makes me want to take more classes with her.  She's got so much drive, and motivation about dancing, and we are tearing up the floor.
Huge rides!  For starters, Saturday out at Hawes trail area, I rode from the Walgreens and did the Saguaro trail to Mineshaft, then up Hawes.  Loop two was out ridge trail to mineshaft, and up the Hawes loop again.  Sunday morning was a nice ride out Desert Classic to the base of Telegraph and back.  Later that evening was a fast ride out on Trail 100 with one of the faster riders I know in the Valley, with a few interesting lines available if you can see them, and furthermore can make the gaps between rocks.  It ends up to be a really fun break from the monotony of SoMo...  Monday morning was the usual ride with Brandon, and a spin on the road bike to get some extra hills in the day.  Tuesday was a nice easy ride out the Chandler road to the Telegraph TH, and then DC back with a nice new loop out to the Water tanks via Corona Loma, and Secret Trail back to DC and home.  Shortly there after I took the road bike out for a commute into Tempe for a meeting at the University, and then turned around and came home. My legs are dead now. Possibly a ride tonight, depending if I can get all my things done for tomorrows take off for the wedding.

 A lesson from the Official Czar of beer in Phoenix.  If anyone drinks extensively, or has been to the Chandler Whole Foods Market, they have met James.  James is the only person I know that can completely succinctly describe to you any type of beer, and enlighten you as to the subtleties between certain varietals.  Today, I sampled one of the best Tripels I've had in my life.  It's a beer brewed for the Papago Brewery here in PHX, but ding ding ding, it's brewed by the folks who make the Gulden Draak in Belgium.  Oude Zuipers "Old Drunk" as it's english translation lets on gets you where you want to be in a hurry. And not only that, it's simply Dumb-Foundingly Door-Busting Deliciousness!  It's not as sweet as the Delerium tremens, nor as robust as the Gulden Draak.  But it's got more alcohol than either the Tremens or the Gulden Draak at roughly 11%, and relatively low on the IBU chart it's an easy drink that makes your insides happy.  It's got an amazingly smooth yeasty taste, and you can literally feel the belgian heritage in the yeast.  You know it's not from America, we simply aren't this good yet...  And It's on tap at a few places in town, Whole Foods, and the Brewery isn't far from work.  I found a new best friend.  I'm not exclusively into the Belgian Tripels, but
I'm more than elated when I find another one.  Especially so close to home.  The Lumberyard Brewery in Flagstaff also has a Tripel, but this one surpasses that in a heartbeat.  Until next time, cheers.

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