Monday, July 4, 2011

7-4-11 America. Extended Edition.

To celebrate America and all it's glory, is the bona fide goal of all citizens around this time of year. What better way to do so than Gluttony. That, and Beer in cans disguised as American Flags. Brilliant. The weekend started out as an honest camping trip, and turned into an excellent adventure of epic proportions. Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, 2 nights camping. and sufficient beer drinking without photo-documentation... My apologies, I was slacking. I know. Soon, with the forthcoming time off the bike, due to either a torn Meniscus, or an irritated IT band, I will start back-logging all that I have consumed in the past...well, since I started collecting labels, and taking notes. Keep your eyes peeled for new updates, and copious amounts of pedantic writing about beer. Also, soon, I will change the name of the blog to incorporate the Beast of beasts; Gus. So I will transition the site into shortly, I will notify all the faithful readers when this takes place.

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