Thursday, December 15, 2011

There's dirt in them hills!

On a late ride yesterday, I found dirt.  Yes you may say "obviously" but this wasn't just any dirt, it was dirt amidst a sea of sand.  It had traction, loam, and dampness!  It made my whole day.  It's also on a fun little loop that I hadn't seen before, and only hit by accident.  Certainly a nice little gem.  just thought I'd share.

Oh and a Team Face First update, I in true form upheld the namesake of Face First on our last ride as I ineptly lost it on a small drop at the exit of a parking lot.  Anyone can fall in a parking lot, but a true champion gets up and does the rest of the downhill without falling.  Total Win.

I've been wearing my gratuitously sized belt buckle as much as possible, and look forward to bigger and better things with Face First.  Oh and look for a gear review to come soon.  It'll blow you away, the review and the gear.


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