Sunday, October 23, 2016

October 2016 Darkness has come.

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10-23-16:Having recently moved back to Minnesota and had a host of new beers-including a longtime whale-Surly Darkness.  A big bold Stout, rich chocolate, coffee, booze. Perfect beer to warm up with...  

Last week I was able to stop by LTD Brewing in Hopkins MN,  Many of their spread has been so so thus far, However, I was completely surprised and amazed with this Triple IPA, Sleep Walker.  Huge IBUs, big bitterness(obviously), big citrus, tons of grapefruit, pine, sweet malt/sugars.  Definitely one to find if you can, I think I gave it a 4.75 or 5 on Untappd, and it truly deserves is.  Of all the IIIPAs I've had, most are blown out with alcohol, overwhelming bitterness, sugars that you can't get past etc.  This beer was extremely balanced and was simply outstanding.  Bravo LTD.  

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Shimano: You Suck, this happened to my first XTR Trail pedals too.  This was really frustrating, and left me with a 4 mile walk/run out.  Looking to replace these things with a set of the HT T1 pedals sometime this winter, I'm still a fan of a semi-platform clipless pedal, and though these were the bees knees, a failure of this nature is total BS.

Displaying image2.JPG I was unaware that riding in Minnesota was pretty much like a bikepark.  Everywhere!  Seriously, Bermed corners, doubles, drop options, one way trails, etc!  I'm amazed, and thankful.  It's amazing, some of the most fun I've had riding in a long long time.  From Piedmont and Brewer trail networks in Duluth to the Theodore Wirth network near Minneapolis. I feel like a kid with all these new trails to explore, could not have more fun on a bike right now.  The Niner is definitely overkill for this area, but it's a fun rig.
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Cheers all, I'll get back to biweekly(ish) updates as beers and biking are back to things I am able to do.

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