Friday, April 11, 2014

Wow, life gets in the way of this. ... A lot.

 Rough Draft Southern Triangle IPA: Straight delicious.  I was thoroughly impressed with this one, has a great bitter taste with an awesome nose.  Any brew with Galaxy I'm a fan of, as evidenced by my passion for the Galaxy Pale ale from Flathead...  Definitely one you should find, and drink a bunch of.  A-
My new rig, Niner's WFO9.  Stands for Wide Full Open 9, which I fully embody by yelling Strava as I'm smashing on the pedals on the downhills...

 Black Diamond Carnage Triple IPA: Yes.  Amazingly bitter and smooth for a huge TIPA, was lucky enough to have a couple of these before the keg ran out.  I've always enjoyed big beers, but the flavor in this was awesome, one of the least blown out TIPA's I've had in a long long time.  Bravo.  A.
Rogue 7 Hop IPA: as you may have guessed, there are 7 hops in this DIPA.  All of which were very tasty, smooth, not overly aromatic, but very drinkable.  I'd struggle with this one on a hotter day here in phx, but in the 80's it was tasty as all hell.  B+
 Arizona Wilderness Brewing American Presidential Stout: A++ Because America.  One of the best beers I have ever had, it was subtly spicy from the jalapenos, with an amazing chocolatey finish from the cacao nibs, and just danged interesting.  I love this brewery and all they do, they incorporate local ingredients into all of their beers and always have a great approach to the beer style.  No wonder they won best new brewery in the world.  You won't find it in bottles, and I won't tell you where the brewery is, but if you ever see this(only at the brewery, buy a pour). The Barrel aged versions are a few weeks out, of which I plan to enjoy as much as I can...
 Arizona Wilderness Brewery Wet Beaver Wit:  Yep, that's what it's called.  A nice Wit with Beet juice from a local farm, the soil comes through from the beets in an interesting beer, not a typical approach, but damned interesting.  And it's Pink!

Sorry for the lack of attention to the blog, I'll get back on it.  I'm also much more active on Untappd.  MrIsaacds  Cheers.


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