Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hangar 24 Brewery, Fontana ride

Hangar 24 DIPA:  A lighter and easier DIPA, it was nice.  Hoppy, and smooth.  It was very easy to consume.  And had a few notes of Grapefruit, not much else came through the hops. I was totally fine with that, it had a nice bold hop character that I missed.  It's certainly cool, however it was rather unremarkable.  There was nothing that really gave a wow factor, and made me want it again.  B
Hangar 24 Orange Wheat:  I'll bet you can't think of a brewery that made a hef without the use of Orange.  I can only think of three.  Hangar 24 is a nice little brewery located near an airport, hence the name.  I was pretty impressed with the diversity of the beers they produce, and enjoyed this one.  It's not as blatantly citrusy as you would expect with a name as such, but it's nice.  The whole Oranges are added throughout the brewing process, which seems to have tempered the over bearing fruit down a notch.  Granted, the most significant taste you get out of this is the Orange it's just not as bold as I'd expected, it's a nicely unfiltered brew thats an easy sipper and enjoyable. B-.
Fontana is host to a pretty sweet little hill in Southridge Park.  This place has a variety of races in the fall/winter season, from Super-D to DH.  I think I'd have enjoyed it more had I been in a race as there are so many off shoots to choose from that it was difficult to find flow in the trails, and I ended up making many laps down on new terrain-which isn't all bad.

Heretic Brewing Evil Cousin Ale:  You know the beer you're drinking is from California when on the bottle, and on the site describing it the word dank is used.  It's a fact.   This brew was a big bold smack in the face of Hops, it was supposed to be.  The brewery certainly hit the target there.  It was hoppy, but softer on malts which made it an easier drinking beer than some other WIIPA's. As stated on the bottle "this beer is intentionally on the dank side; big, sticky, and aggressive."   And I loved it there were more hops than I care to talk about but it was certainly up there with the Hoptologist, or the Hop Juice in terms of variety of Hop character and initial taste.  "Join us on the dank side."  I'm already there.  A.

Highwater Brewing Retribution DIPA: This beer pours a very nice clear crisp caramel amber, and as soon as the bottle is opened, your nose is alerted to the fact that you were ill prepared for this venture.  The hops come out in true fashion, as do the lemons involved.  It's interesting that the lemon lifts up the drinkability of the beer, and sweetens it differently than other citrus.  I found this to be a very good after meal beer, it had a lot of alcohol that was masked by the flavor fairly well.  It was a new freshness for me with the lemon intensity, I'd yet to see that in a DIPA.  Not bad, but not exceptional.  C+.
I think I'll go for a ride.  

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