Friday, June 17, 2011

Post Two:

The why:
I decided to write a blog about the happenings in my life, as I think my story has some interesting notes. I have been places, seen my fair share, and have a good plan. I grew up in Missoula Montana as stated in the previous post, Missoula is a wonderland for the outdoor enthusiast. It's got the most potential to do anything you can think of doing outside. Thusly my main hobbies were cycling, skiing, and anything outdoors. I was a canoe slalom athlete for the USA development team for a few years, had an international ranking of 57th at one point, and gave that all up after a difficult fall dealing with injuries, and reconnecting with the love of my life. Of whom I currently reside with in Phoenix Arizona. A vast departure from Missoula.
The overall plan for my life is to finish undergraduate and apply to medical school in Minnesota. I've always had an interest in writing, and kept a blog before when I was traveling and training. However, I wanted to approach this blog with more diversity, and sometimes update in regards to beer, and other times with respect to bicycles, or coffee. I've been able to really enjoy the nuances that Phoenix has to offer lately, taking a summer class forces me to to my activities at night, or later in the afternoon. Which conveniently is the only reasonable time to get outside, and do something productive.
Today was a spectacular quick ride from the house to the south side of South Mountain, and a small loop taking about 40 minutes to make a couple of quick climbs, and get the heart rate up. It's funny to think that simply riding in 105 degrees is enough to do that, but exercising and trying to train for an endurance race is at times, just a poor idea.

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