Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Post One:

The title.

We've had our Ups and Downs, our experimental phase where I was into Chai Latte's with a shot of espresso, and left real coffee for dead. Or where I used copious amounts of sugar to dilute the bitter taste of being a man. We even had a sabbatical that lasted a few months of lonely stares due to my inability to put the coffee pot away, with shared quiet time, furthering the distance between the bean and I. But in the end, I've come full circle again to the truth in drink, the harsh taste of manhood. Black Coffee. I can't seem to think of anything else I'd rather start my day with, save for a Bloody Mary from one specific location-not within 1,000 miles...

I grew up on a bicycle, my childhood nickname was "Iker the Biker" the meaning of I've done a host of sports throughout my life. However, not one has been with me or kept my interest the way cycling has. It's the one thing I can do and forget everything else, it's the way I relieve stress, my meditation. My escape. I have done most disciplines during my childhood and adolescence, and enjoy some of them now. However, living next to a mountain, with some rolling singletrack in the Phoenix area is hard to beat. I've become sort of my own puritan of the sport, enjoying the work for the descent, and reveling in the difficulty of a hard climb. It's been great to have quality trails 3 minutes away by bike, so that by the time I get to dirt I'm warmed up and ready to go. I commute to school in the morning on a fixie, and take a break from my studies in the afternoon on a completely different full suspension all-mountain animal. It's hands down the neatest mode of travel. My love of cycling has translated into anew found hobby for my Fiancee Emily, with whom I will also ride with. It's a godsend that she appreciates time on the bike as well, and it's great to be able to share my love for cycling with her. We live in an area of phoenix with wide accommodating shoulder's and for the most part generous drivers who are aware of their inherent danger to the cyclist next to them.

Growing up in Montana, I was spoiled with great local beer. The area is littered with breweries as renowned as the Big Sky Brewery-Producer of the infamous Moose Drool Brown Ale. To KettleHouse, a smaller Brewery known locally for their Coldsmoke Scotch Ale, and the Eddy out IPA, and the Double Haul double IPA. To my favorite Bayern Brewery, owned and operated by a true German brewmaster Jurgen. He open the Brewery the year I was born, and has been providing great beer and pretzels to Missoulians ever since. This has done nothing for my wallet, but it has pushed me into finding a more interesting brew, not settling for a regular. I first enjoyed the German tastes of the Bayern(Bavaria) Brewery in Missoula, and thoroughly enjoyed the deep malty taste of his winter Ale's. A Marzen, a true Octoberfest style beer with a darker hue, and thicker taste, basically a festival based Lager. Their next seasonal arrived, and my interest grew like a wild fire. A Doppelbock, my curiosity piqued. From there it's been a journey through the different varieties, from the easy amber ales, to the hardy Doppel, and Winter Ales, the Hefeweizens, the IPAs, the Double IPA's, Scotch Ale's, and onto the Stouts, The Draughts(Irish Dry Stouts), and I'm currently residing in the world of Belgium Tripples such as Delirium Tremens, and Gulden Draak.

I'm an undergraduate student deep in my studies at Arizona State University. Pursuing a Biochemistry degree with a minor in Biological Life Sciences. I'm elated to be marrying the love of my life in July in our home state of Minnesota. Of our goals in life, the biggest is to get back to Minnesota. Our homeland. The pilgrimage will begin upon the completion of my undergraduate studies, and acceptance into Medical School at UMinnesota. Hopefully from there, we will be in Minnesota for the rest of our lives. It's been a joy to go about my life with a partner, a friend, and someone who always has my back. She has really helped me re-align my old transient lifestyle and get on track with my long-term goals, she's also helped me grow exponentially and mature as a person.

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