Sunday, January 13, 2013

Monster post... Catching up.

Brews are good.  I always enjoy when it's a little cooler outside, and one is actually able to enjoy good beer.   

Tamarack Brewing: Hat trick IPA, Runaround Brown(Lakeside ESB-not pictured.  B-): IPA was nice. I'd drink it again for sure.  It was good to see more brews going to Missoula. IPA=A. Brown=C-.

Flathead Lake Brewing Co: Imperial IPA, Yes. A.

Kettlehouse Brewing Double Haul IPA: Something I've loved for a long long time.  B+ by todays standards though...

Stone anniversary IPA #16.  Delicious.  Lemony deliciousness. A-.

La Fin Du Monde: B+, solid but not exactly delicious...
Lagunitas Brown Shugga:  If this is still out where you are, buy it!  All of it.  It's smooth texture rolls down the gullet, and it's a most excellent mix of hop and sweet... A+.
Mudshark Desert Magic IPA: Eh.  Nice but hard to compete in the IPA scene with this as your only IPA...  C+.
New Black 34t Chainring.  Stealth all the things!!

Odell's IPA: Always welcome... A super consistent and well made IPA.
New tires!! I ran the 2.3 and 2.5 Hillbilly DH tires.  So much fun, and so much moto.  They grab like crazy and are a blast when it's sloppy.  It's a great tire for a winter ride out east(as I hoped) but they roll too slowly for general use and everyday riding.  I'll keep them on the shelf for East Coast riding, but look for Muddy Mary's or another Knobby but more rounded and tightly packed tread pattern.

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