Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hop Juice, Left Coast Brewing:  They managed to have 5 different kinds of Hops in this beer, and then had it dry hop for two weeks to keep the Hoppy flavor that separates it from the group.  It's got a great aroma, with a thicker look and small fine head that laces a little leaving a nice small the whole way down.  The hops pop off, and are sweetly finished with the overall taste.  It's not too strong in hop flavor, yet it retains a nice intensity while keeping it real.  A-.  

 Kellerweiss Sierra Nevada Brewing:  You will go Bananas over this beer.  It's almost like you drove your Corvette to Germany, and bought one beer then drove back to America.  Without a cruise ship.  It's literally the most german tasting non-german beer I've ever had.  It's got giant notes of banana, and has deliciously smooth wheat and and yeast taste.  It's so easy to drink you'll forget that it's actually beer.  Solid A.

 Gubna Oscar Blues Brewing:  The Gubna is their Imperial IPA, a great addition from this brewery, I've had the G'Knight on tap, and want to try this on tap, it's exceptional.  It's a nice citrusy opener, with an good unique yet precise hop flavor, then a great finish.  The best beer is one that leaves you wanting more, and also sober enough to remember which one you had.  This achieves both of those.  Spectacular A.

Tomorrow I'm off for an XL sized bike adventure.  It should be around 35-40 miles with about 3,000+ feet of elevation gain, should be sick, I just hope my legs are up for it. Video or Pics soon. 

I also have more beers to write about, but I've got to import the pics from the iphone, so expect a flurry of action.  I'll just allude to some of the excitement, sour beers kick ass.  

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